Routes to Growth

Routes to Growth

Highlights: Routes to Growth Conference 2017

Beyond Hong Kong and China where else are there exciting opportunities in Asia?

What is important to you when travelling for business?

What is your top tip for Business travel?

What is the value of doing business face to face in Asia?

What are the barriers for UK business looking to trade with Asia?

What’s your advice for a small business considering taking the plunge into Asia?

Why is trading with Asia such a big opportunity?

What’s your best advice for doing business in Asia?

How important is social media when doing business in Asia?


The amount that UK goods exports to South Korea rose between 2010 and 2014


The amount China plans to invest in industry under the current five-year plan to improve efficiency

In Beijing higher, dressier heels have sold better than in Chengdu

Kat Maconie, Founder of Kat Maconie shoes

Highlights: Routes to Growth Conference 2016

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